Ad Banner with Built-in Link

728 x 90 pix - Leaderboard
300 x 250 pix - Medium Rectangle
468 x 60 pix - Full banner

Thematically Oriented Banner

Size – 468x60 pixVisualization – by predefined keywords.
The banner appears under the article if at least one keyword is present in it. The minimum number of words is 30.

Context Ad with Logo

This is a context-oriented ad that appears in a specialized overview article on weekly or monthly basis. Includes selection of articles dedicated to a specific topic defined by the customer.


The Wallpaper vision covers advertisement space on the both sides of the web site and in the most viewable part of the site – between the header and the lead news. The wallpaper is “H” shaped. The width of the horizontal part under the header is 980px, the maximum height is 120px, the minimum height is 20px. It is located under the main menu. It is acceptable not to be physically connected with the background image of the wallpaper. If such connection exists, then the element must have 225px distance from the top of the page and 170px distance from the top of the visualization.
Technical requirements:
• Files: 1
 File format: .jpg (.psd)
• Final number of files: 1
 Maximum size: 1640x1200рх
Price for all sites: CPM - €15

Transition Page

Advertising format in witch instead of the homepage of the website the advertisement is shown. This ad is served once per user. Features: at the top right corner of the banner there must be placed close button.
Technical requirements:
• Files: 1
 File format: jpg (png), swf+fla
 Final number of files: 1
• Maximum size: 800x500рх
• File size: up to 150kb
Price for all sites: CPM - €15

Expandable Banner

Irregular advertising format in which the image expands it's dimensions when the user hovers on it and after that scrolls back to standard ad position.
Technical requirements:
• Files: 2
• File types: .fla + .swf
• File size: up to 30kb for collapsed banner
• File size: up to 50кВ for expanded banner
• Direction of extension: Horizontal or vertical, in one direction depending on the position of the banner in the web site.
 Maximum size: It is defined by doubling the size of the small banner horizontally or vertically.
Price: 50% on the price of a regular banner

Video banner

Advertising format which starts video after an action made by the user. The video banners are positioned in 300x250px sized banner. Play, Pause, Stop and Mute buttons are required.
Technical requirements:
• Files: 3
• File formats: .fla + .swf + .flv
• Size: 300х250рх
 File size: up to ЗМВ
Price: listed in the ad rate

Half Page Banner

Advertising format, particularly suitable for image advertisement.
Technical requirements:
• Files: 1
• File formats: .fla + .swf /.jpg/.png
• File size: up to 6ОкВ
• Size: 300х600рх
Price for all sites: CPM - €6,5

Peel Ad

Irregular advertising format in witch after hovering with the cursor on the image it flips through and opens second image.
Technical requiremeents:
 Files: 2
 File formats: .fla + .swf /.jpg/.gif
 Producing soundd is not permitted.Small image (shrunken banner):
 File ssize: up to 10кВ
• Size: 75х75рх. Big image (open banner):
• File size: up to 30кВ
• Size: 500х500рх
Price for all sites: CPM - €10