Starting in March 2015 the publications went completely online, and the team redirected their efforts toward improving and developing the web site, so that they can supply the timely, up to date and interesting content with the high quality, which is wanted and anticipated by the readers. With this logical next stage in the evolution of PC World Bulgaria, the content becomes even more easily accessible for virtually unlimited audience.

In 2014, IDG.BG was thoroughly redesigned and received a new logo and concept. From a news portal and aggregator, the website turned into a fully operational media website focused on the geeky, nerdy side of life. Created by tech & science enthusiasts, its content covers various science, tech, web and sci-fi topics and the business news and trends related to them. In IDG.BG visitors can find all sorts of red-hot geeky and nerdy stuff, like what new exciting discoveries NASA and ESA have just made, what happens on Mars, which are the newest mobile technologies and whyit is fun to have them, what are the coolest web trends right now, which great sci-fi movie you should watch, how amazingly high is the price paid for the most expensive comic book ever, etc.

The job postings remain major part of the content of the career zone and will also provide the connection between the providers and those who search job on the technology market. The partnership between KARIERI Capital and Computerworld, provides the employers who publish composite job advertisement in the two media, to reach audience of more than 200 000 people.

In an effort to be competitive and modern, the technology business weekly newspaper Computerworld BG constantly updates its website. In separate sections are showcased the leading topics, hot news, the lat­est and most popular stories, inter­views, slideshows, videos, analysis. The ranking of ICT companies in Bulgaria “Top 100” now also lives as a separate section and contains tabular data from 1998 to date. Structured information about the annual competition “IT Project”, which the newspaper team organizes since 2004, representing the most signifi­cant and successfully implemented IT systems and solutions in the private and public sectors during the year, re­sides as a subpage of the site.

Two of the most important depart­ments in any organization are those which manage financial and information processes. CFO, CIO.BG's subsite, aims to be an environment for co-operation between them. CFO.CIO.BG is a source of latest news and leading opinions, targeting the Chief Financial Officers in Bulgar­ia. The site is a preferred online infor­mation resource for executives who are responsible for managing the risks of the corporation, financial planning, budgeting, corporate strategy and strategic alliances.

The online version of CIO maga­zine showcases a selection of impor­tant news and data from research and analysis related to the development of corporate information technology, as well as all articles published in the print magazine. Among covered topics are ERP, CRM, BI, Information Security, CAD/ CAM & GIS, Project Management, Cloud Computing, Green IT, etc. In the beginning of 2012 were launched various micro zones on BI, Storage, Optimization and Effective­ness. In another section of the website is published the information about the annual “IT Manager of the Year Award”.

In 2010 Networkworld magazine redesigned its website. Now it provides the readers of the magazine and online visitors with a wide range of new opportunities. Besides easy access to all issues of Networkworld Bulgaria since 2000, has a new news section, which publishes everything hot related to networking, communication and telecommunication productsand services. There are four Information Centers available that bring together articles, news and analyses in the areas of Data Storage, IT Security, Structured Cabling Systems and Telecommunications. Another feature is the “Dictionary of networking terms”, which is being updated and enriched constantly.

Business How (b-how) is a media project oriented to start-up companies in the ICT field. The slogan of the initiative is “Business How – Entrepreneurship Advisor” because the ambitious goal of this project is to become a platform for co-operation between the new entrepreneurs and real business. Business How web site contains information showing the right direction to entrepreneurship beginners. The topics covered in are especially designed as to be of interest to a vast audience, including investors, service providers, institutions and organizations supporting entrepreneurship.

Business newsletters
Bulgarian ICT Market Weekly Review

Weekly (in English)
Audience: 900 IT Managers, Managing Directors and Marketing Managers from International companies, financial
institutions, mobile operators and telco suppliers, high-tech companies. All of them are responsible for their company's business on the Bulgarian market.
Content: Summaries of the most important news, developments and events of the week in Bulgaria (ICT Media proprietary information)


Audience: 3000 Bulgarian CIOs, CTOs, General Managers & MarCom Managers from banks & financial institutions, public & local administration, defence, mobile operators & Bulgarian telco, insurance companies & pension funds, international corporations, small & mid businesses, IT companies.
Format: 20-25 short brief news daily.

Technological newsletters

Audience: 2400 System and Network Administrators, IT Managers, Product Managers
Content: Includes antivirus and antispam protection. Gives information about the security holes in OS and network software. Deals with hardware and software firewalls, gateways, security protocols, etc.

Networks & Communications

Audience: 1900 System and Network Administrators, IT Managers, Product Managers
Content: Spreads over LAN, VLAN, WAN, telecommunications, VSat and wireless networks, configuration, support and monitoring, GSM and 3G news, etc.


Audience: 1350 Programmers, Project Managers, Web Developers, Designers, Application Administrators.
Content: Surveys the possibilities of basic, database, web and specialized programming languages, compilers, development media and editors, Q&A and libraries, explores code effectiveness.

PC World Newsletter

Audience: With over 2200 subscribers, the newsletter helps amateurs and professionals to plan their investments in new technologies and products at home and at work.
Content: Publishes the most interesting news and hardware reviews launched on the previous week.